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The Othona Community, Bradwell on Sea, Essex

The Othona Nails - a symbol dating back to the Nail Movement in World War IIViews of Othona, Bradwell - Chapel interior and main buildingBurning Bonfire
I'm also member and German representative of the ecumenical OTHONA Community in England. The OTHONA Community was started by the late Anglican Canon Norman Motley in 1946 to overcome the hatred which had its climax in the second world war. The OTHONA Community has a membership of about 400 people world wide. One of my pleasures is introducing young German people mainly to the OTHONA Community at Bradwell to widen their horizons and to help the world wide ecumenical, peace and ecological movements. Here is an arial view of the center in Bradwell-on-Sea:

Aerial View of the OTHONA Community, BradwellYou can see bigger versions:

Site with Chapel (87 k) and Overview (95 k)

These pictures were taken one morning in spring 1993 while the new main building (L-shaped) was under construction. The white building with the red roof on bottom left is St. Peter's Chapel built in 654 used for the OTHONA daily services. The 3 long (2 gray, 1 black) buildings above the main building are the oldest OTHONA buildings on site (built in the 1950's). 

View of the Chapel with link to official siteThere is also an official web site specially dedicated to the Chapel.

Most stuff these days tends to appear on facebook first ... or here ... (times are changing)

Some Videos taken Summer 2008 in Music Week

Glorious Soup and more

Some Images taken Summer 2007 „Art with Mart“

Thumbnail Overview

Some Images taken over the last 5 Years

Thumbnail Overview

(Note: the real images behind these thumbnails are between 400 kB and 1 MB)

Some Activities during 2003 Summer Season

YAP Project and some Art Week Results

Some Typical Sounds

 Sounds in mp3

Some Stereo Experiments

Stereo images  with Stereoscope Applet Homepage  - no extra software needed just Java has to be enabled
New simlar Stereo images which can be viewed with NVIDIA 3D Vision or red/green glasses

Some Experiments with Virtual Reality

3D Panoramas with IBM HotMediaTM

 Panoramas without plugins  - no extra software needed just Java has to be enabled

3D Chapel
New 3D Old Men's Hut

created with Google Sketchup placed onto original location in Google Earth:

Other 3D stuff:

3D View of the Chapel'real' 3D view of Chapel (VRML 2.0, (340 k) clicking on West (front) wall invokes movie "Interior of Chapel" (553 k, as below), updated 14-SEPT-1999 - with real scenery included.   You will need the  Cortona VRML Client (use OpenGL renderer for best results -any feedback is very welcome) or older plugins like COSMO 2.11 player, VRML 2.0 player or the COSMO 2.1 player .

Interior of Chapel (553k Quicktime VR movie)  You will need the  QuickTime Player V3.0 or later

View from Belltower of main building (357k Quicktime VR movie)   You will need the  QuickTime Player V3.0 or later
(Thanks to Kevin Bruce for taking the original individual "unstitched" images while I was back home in Germany !)

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